Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TTM Success - Clay Dalrymple

I was able to add another vintage Oriole to the binder with this success from Clay Dalrymple.  The 1971 Orioles card was actually a toss-in after a search through my Orioles box just before I sent off to him.  I was set on three cards to send, and since Dalrymple charges for his signature, I was going to hold at that amount.  Thankfully, I found this Orioles card and included it for an additional $5.
These two cards were in my vintage box.  I found them after I decided that I wanted to mail to Dalrymple.  The 1964 is a really nice card.  Not that the 66 isn't but there is something about a 1964 Topps that I really like.
The card that started me on trying to get Dalrymple was this 1961 Topps that I picked up back in January from the Columbia antique shop.  It is one of the last ones that was sent out and received, and turned out really nice.

Dalrymple (b. 1936) played in the majors from 1960 to 1971 for the Phillies and Orioles.  He had 710 hits, 55 home runs and a .233 batting average.  He appeared in 2 World Series games in the Orioles loss to the Mets in 1969, collecting 2 hits in  2 at bats, for a 1.000 batting average.

I mailed to Dalrymple on February 18 and got the cards back on March 6, for a 16-day TAT.  He charges $5/card.

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