Thursday, March 30, 2017

TTM Success - Eddie Watt

I was able to take a card that had been in my Orioles box forever and add it to the autograph album.  This 1974 Topps Eddie Watt had been in my Orioles box for as long as I can remember; probably since I put the box together back on 2005.
I had gotten the 1972 recently, as part of the blogger Secret Santa.  It actually is a 1972 O Pee Chee, which I didn't think was around back then.  I also had the above 1975 that came in one of my first trades with my friend, Max.
Here is the back of the 1972 O Pee Chee, so you can see what makes it different.  The text is in English and French, and the back is a different color that 1972 Topps.

Watt (b. 1941) played in the majors from 1966 to 1975 for the Orioles, Phillies and Cubs.  He had a career record of 38-36 with 462 strike outs, a 2.91 ERA and 80 saves.  He was part of the 1966 World Series Champion Orioles, but did not appear in that World Series.  He did appear in the 1970 World Series for the O's where he went 0-1 with a 9.00 ERA.  They won in spite of that appearance.

I mailed to Watt on February 27 (while I was watching the Oscars) and got the cards back on March 7, for an 8-day TAT.

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