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****I can help you out big time if you are a set builder or if you are looking for items to send TTM or get signed in person.  I am willing to sort through my boxes and find you the random players you are looking for.  I don't ask for a lot in payment, but please be considerate of the time it takes to look through boxes of cards and also shipping costs.  Thanks for taking a look at the blog.****

I also have some hits and autos available from time to time.  Please shoot me an email or message me on Snap at "wregenthal" if you are interested in making a deal.  I am very active in the Instagram card community (@wregenthal) and a lot of what I have available gets posted on there before anywhere else.

I will accept PayPal, CashApp, Venmo or TTM (only if you get tracking, I am not responsible for cash lost through the mail, I recommend getting a PayPal/CashApp/Venmo account).

Let's trade.

EMAIL ME AT: wregenthal (at) hotmail (dot) com if you are interested in a trade or just want to talk baseball...

OH!  I also send out tons of care packages.  Be nice, and maybe you'll get one!

  • I have a ton of singles from 2006 - 2009 Allen and Ginter.
  • I have a huge variety of stars from 2005 through 2023 that I am willing to trade.  Please email me with the player you are looking for and I can try to help out.
  • I have self collated sets of 2012 through 2023 Topps that I would be willing to deal.
  • I have 5,000ct boxes of Topps with bulk cards ranging from 1969 to 2023.
  • Stuff from 1969-1974 are in rougher shape, for the most part.

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Roy-Z said...

As a Jays collecter, I may take that Silky-Smooth Snider off your hands.

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