Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Random Ripken

Like I said before, I listed almost my entire Cal Ripken collection (close to 500 cards) on Zistle the other day. While doing so, I found a few 'Random Ripkens' that I'm sure that not a lot of Ripken Collectors have. The above 1990-1991 Topps Magazine Cal Ripken is one such card.
From what I can vaguely remember, this was one of the first Cal Ripkens I owned. I'm sure many of you know the story behind how I became an Oriole fan....
I began to like the Orioles when i was 7 or 8 and was playing the old school Nintendo game (the one with the fat little dudes...). My brothers would always pick the Oakland A's because that was the best team on the game (this was back when McGwure and Canseco were HOT... why anyone would be a Canseco fan is beyond me, but anyway). Me being the smallest of my brothers, I was pretty much forced to sit back and watch them play the game until one of them got bored and I would finally get to play. Naturally, I was never allowed to pick the Holy A's, so I had to go with another team. I really dug Baltimore because their players had these kickass neon freaking orange uniforms, and I thought they looked awesome. The little fat players looked like orange creamcicles. Haha.
Anyway, I told one of my older brothers, John, that I liked Baltimore when he asked me what baseball team I liked. You see, according to my brothers, it was uncool to copy one another, so I was disallowed to pick a team that one of them liked; for example, John liked the Red Sox, Philip liked the Giants AND the A's (how unfair), Mom liked the Yankees, etc. So, thinking back on the game, I chose Baltimore.
In a rare moment of John and I getting along back then, he says 'You like the Orioles huh? Well, here is a stack of cards of their best player...' He handed me a stack of Cal Ripken cards. Boy, did I score in the end. John did pick a good one to follow in his own right, he being a huge Wade Boggs fan...
So, there you have it, I will always have to give credit where it is due in that my brother John is solely responsible for making me a Cal Ripken fan. Of course, Cal did a good job in keeping me interested throughout his career. I could have done much worse... Back then Philip was a huge Matt Williams and Will Clark fan... they don't quite cut it if you know what I mean. Since then, he has ditched his A's and Giants and sold his soul to become a Yankee fan (I think mostly to give me a hard time).
Just an FYI, my younger sister came along later and picked up the McGwire/As torch and ran with it for a while, although she, now, along with my younger brother like the Braves. Now, Andy, the youngest boy of all of us has stated recently that he has chosen the Rangers. Not too bad.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

T-206 box busting results

I reeeally have been wanting to bust a box lately, so when I got in the shop on Saturday and saw that T-206 were in, well, I knew I'd be busting a box yesterday haha.

I really like the design of these cards. I am a big fan of the retro themed sets. They may be getting a bit overplayed, but I think, in moderaton, they can succeed.

I was a bit disappointed when I looked up what kind of hits were available in this stuff. I did see that a good many of Orioles were in it, so I went ahead and took the plunge. I was not disappointed.
I was very happy to see Nolan Reimold included in this set. I definitely think he is going to be a star. It does help that a good friend of mine who knows a thing or two about a thing or two seconds my opinion (thanks Jim, haha).

Got 2 Brian Roberts cards. One came from P.A., the other came from my box. Can never go wrong with Roberts.

Pulled the Nick The Stick base card... as well as the beauty below! Yaaay for me! I like the blue frames, very nice.

Finally, got a few Dodger cards for my MIA box-busting partner. He will be getting a good package in the mail with the Dodger successes from the box-break.

All-in-all, I was very happy with my purchase. I'm glad I didn't overdo it by cracking another... I really couldn't have done much better than this!

The 90s weren't all bad...

So, working in a shop (even though its one day a week) has taught me a lot about cards. The biggest thing, however, is that if someone calls wanting you to look at a collection, you want to make sure you ask beforehand 'When were the cards made?' If someone tells you 'Oh- late 80s to mid 90s...' you want to run for cover. Yuck. Late 80s to mid 90s baseball cards. Makes me cringe now even thinking about it.

The 'overproduction' era was when I was full-force into cards. My mom would take me to the card shop (which is now where I help out at on Saturdays, although it is under different management) and drop a good bit of money on cards. My mom was and is pretty cool with all of our interests. She 'got it'. She would bust packs with me, she going for Don Mattingly and Mike Piazza, with me going for Cal Ripken.

We had read in Beckett in 1995 that there was this Cal Ripken Statistical Standout insert going somewhere around $75.00 (book value). WOW, $75.00 for a card is a lot for a 14 year-old. Mom and I would bust packs of 1995 Leaf trying to get the Ripken. I opened a pack one week and pulled the Matt Williams Statistical Standout and was mad cause it wasn't Cal (I just remembered that while typing this).

One week, Mom and I went to the shop, like normal, and got a good-size stack of packs to bust when we came upon the 95 Leaf. She said that because they were higher priced cards (like $4.00 a pack, I think), I could pick only one for myself and one for her. So, we got 2 packs. We would purchase the packs of cards and go out to the parking lot and open the cards in her car. I handed her her pack of Leaf and she opened it, and didn't get anything special. I opened mine and a few cards down I happened upon this: I cheered and showed it to her.... Yeah, I won't repeat what she called me, haha. Can't say it was the first time I heard my mom cuss, but it definitely sticks out in my mind. I still laugh about it to this day. I was remarking to a friend yesterday that busting packs isn't near as fun unless you have someone busting them with you, and its even better if they are as interested in the cards as you are. So, thanks Mom for taking an interest in cards so long ago.

Going through all my Cal's and listing them on Zistle was a tedious task, but it was a lot of fun. I found some old card designs that I had long forgotten, and given enough time, I plan on blogging them and sharing them with you. We'll see how do with that, lol.
I now have all but 20 something of my Cal Ripken cards listed on Zistle, as well as my regular issue Topps Brooks Robinsons. My next task is listing my Brian Roberts cards... Feel free to check out my stuff on there, Im listed as Wregenthal. Oh, the stock picture they have of the 1955 Roberto Clemente RC is my picture :) Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I wanted to take a moment and reflect on some things this year that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for:
  • A loving wife who 'allows' me to do the things I do. Without her... hmmm... we won't go there haha.
  • My son Chris, who, is probably one of the most unique people I have ever encountered. He is a wonderful kid and I hope he stays with the same personality because he is definitely an adventure.
  • Some awesome parents and family. They have shaped me into what I am today. Good or bad, hahaha.
  • I am thankful for Pete, P.A. and Kim who make my time at the card bearable. These 3 are probably some of the nicest people I've ever met and I am very glad for them.
  • I am thankful that Blake lets me do what I do at the card shop. It definitely is worth the 3 hour drive, even though I may not show it sometimes.
  • For the amazing opportunity my job has given me, to be able to move to a new area, work with some great people and start some things over.
  • For FINALLY selling my house. FINALLY.
  • For the Baltimore Orioles
  • For being able to meet and actually speak to Brooks Robinson this year. That was a huge highlight of my life, and I was able to share it with my brother Andy. I was also able to leave someone a voicemail 'Im done dude, Im done...' Haha.
  • Being able to watch a baseball game in Kinston with a very good friend. We spent the game talking baseball and scouting. That was a great time.
  • Beer.
  • Being able to speak to Brandon Waring, Bryce Harper and other prospects this year.
  • For everyone who reads this blog. Thank you all, I wouldn't be doing this if no one else was interested. Thanks guys, it means a lot to me.
If I forgot you, I apologize. This has been a great year, albeit difficult. Thank you all so much for helping me get through the tough times and also being here during the good times as well. Lets hope next year is just as good. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nice pull... that I forgot to blog about before.

I bought 5 packs of SP Authentic last Saturday and got a gooood letter patch. Travis Snider of the Blue Jays. Hooray. I like the manufactured patches actually. I think if you're going to get a jersey card, they'd be more significant if you ended up with this size of a swatch. Those little crumbs of bat and/or jersey don't really do a whole lot for me anymore.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yeah, ok...

so I tried to update my actual blog itself. Didn't work so well for me. Oh well. I did change my photo at the top. Yaaay :/ Anyway, here is a new Cal I was able to add to my collection...

I'm liking the UD Goodwin's from this year... They would have been better without all the basketball cards. Seriously, is basketball really relevant outside of middle school? I mean, I understand NCAA basketball, but NBA? Really? Whatever. Maybe that's why I write a BASEBALL CARD blog, haha.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boredom leads to:

going through boxes. I did, however, find some decent stuff. While sitting around wondering where everyone else is, I dug out all the card boxes my loving wife stacked in the closet, then proceeded to bury underneath sleeping bags, comforters, etc etc...
I was really happy to find these Bowman Heritage cards of Nolan Reimold and Brandon Snyder. Two future stars of the Orioles. Hooray for me.

I also went through my 'Random Orioles Box.' It kind of made me sad because this 5,000 count box is full of mostly 'could have beens', 'never was's' and 'Who's?'. For example, I found cards of supposed Oriole prospects: Curtis Goodwin, Jeff Manto, Mike Paradis, Ben McDonald, Keith Reid, Adam Loewen, Sherman Obando and Jorge Julio.

I found cards of players the Os signed waaaay past their prime: Dwight Evans, Fred Lynn, Bobby Bonilla, Javy Lopez and Marty Cordova.

I also saw some groan enducing players as well: Glenn Davis, Curt Schilling, Albert Belle, Miguel Tejada, Will Clark, Sammy Sosa and Sidney Ponson.

Finally, I did see a few who made me smile: Bill Ripken, BJ Surhoff, Brady Anderson and Chris Hoiles.

The Orioles have had some good players in their past, and they have had some that make you think 'Why God, why???' Why oh why did they trade for Sammy Sosa? Why did they trade away Curt Schilling and Steve Finley for Glenn Davis? Gaaaah.

I just hope some of the newer Os (Roberts, Markakis, Wieters, Reimold, Matusz, Tillman, etc) have great and successful careers, so in a few years my Os box will be more like a treasure chest instead of a house of horrors.


I opened a pack of UD Icons last week and pulled this Nick Markakis Future Foundations jersey. Yay for me. I have some pretty good luck pulling STICK cards, but hardly ever pull any Roberts autos or relics, I always have to buy em. Lame.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A couple great cards

I opened a couple packs recently, and pulled some nice stuff: Pretty sweet JOHNNY Cueto card. SWEEP THE LEG!!! Oh wait. We did that already. Anyway, yeah, got me another 'Johnny' card. That makes my third Johnny Cueto auto. Not bad. Too bad Im not a Reds fan.

Ah, Ron Santo. I really like the jersey swatch here. Nice colors. Santo was a damn fine ballplayer. He is also fun to listen to on the Cubs broadcasts as he lives and dies by each and every event in the game. Its nice to hear that kind of passion from a team's announcer and not have to sit through a bunch of awful catchphrases.

I don't think I can stand any more 'Tex Messages,' 'Abombs from Arod,' 'Cano Doncha Know,' Yeah I hope John Sterling can go back to calling tractor pulls. He is awful. Whenever the Orioles play the Yankees, I make sure I am listening to the Os announcers, or I just don't listen because the Yankees announcers SUCK!

Two words: VIN SCULLY!!!!! He is how a game should be called. Or Bob Uecker.

Whew, got a little off topic right there. Have a good night guys. I got one more card scanned that I want to blog this weekend. Will get to it tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eddie Murray and His Magical Sideburns of Awesomeness

Clearly, I have not been a fan of the Upper Deck History cards. They have been really lame this year. However, this one that was pulled last week has won me over. Eddie's sideburns look like they have been airbrushed on, but oh man, he is stylin' and profilin'.
I give all kinds of love to Brooks, Cal, STICK, Roberts, etc, but I don't pull too many Murrays. I'm glad to have this one, even its cause of the freakish sideburns, haha.
What do you guys think?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mail Day!!!

Well, um, the mail has been spread out a little, I got the above 1982 Pacific Legends Brooks Robinson off of sportlots, and it came on Monday (I think) while I got 15 awesome 1970 Topps from JayBee to complete our Obama SP trade.
It has been a long week, but come this afternoon, I had all of the work I had hoped to have completed done! I like being productine. Now its on to the house tomorrow and Sunday to move everything out.
Also, while Im thinking about it, head on over to Max's blog and show him some love. Maybe we can talk him into blogging more than once a decade ;) He knows hes my buddy and Im only messing. Seriously though, give him a read.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This blog title brought to you by my best friend in the world, Max. Yaay to him, haha. Everyone look! I finally got it. After watching it on my watch list for 2+ years on ebay, the card is now mine! I can't believe it. Almost as much as I can't believe I met Brooks Robinson. Or as much as I can't believe I have such amazing friends and family. Yaay for me!

Man oh man. It's so pretty. My 3 favorite Orioles, with relics and autos on ONE card! AMAZING.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mail Day from Sportlots

Got a little bit of mail in today from Sportlots. Just a few oddball cards I wanted. I really like these Obak cards. I haven't seen any Tristar stuff available this year in the something like 3 shops I go into regularly. I don't know how a lot of you feel, but I always enjoy the retro themed cards. They really make me want to branch out into getting some old tobacco cards at some point, which, if you know me well enough, is bound to happen sooner than later.

Brian Matusz... O's 2008 #1 pick. He went 5-2 this year and really showed that he can hold his own in the AL East. I sure hope he pans out and helps the O's for years to come, they need a new frontline pitcher capable of winning 20+ games, and I really think Matusz has the talent to make a run for it. 2002 Topps 206 Brooks. Once again with the retro theme. Yay for me. Also, Topps 206 returns this year, I can't wait. Especially since monetarily, things have eased up, so I should be able to bust some more boxes with my favorite person to break boxes with :)

Finally, just a K-Mart Brooks from 1982. I probably had this one at some point, but who knows what box that's in. Anyway, I still have a good bit of stuff on the way, so guys, keep a look out, more blogs to come this week.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Set Compete - 2003 Topps

Finally, I have completed another set. It sure has taken a while... There wasn't anything too noteworthy in this set, well maybe except for the Brandon Puffer/Jung Bong prospects card which is in it... There are so many jokes there...

Above is my 'completer card' - I still have to thank Max for that term, as it fits so nicely...

Julio Franco... he's so old, his bat is wood from Noah's Ark. Isn't his rookie card in the 1952 Topps set? I can go on and on, but really, Franco was a hell of a player, and I was really pulling for him to play until he hit 50. I guess I'm going to have to settle for Jamie Moyer...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

...I don't wanna come back down from this cloud...

There isn't a whole lot I can post now that will measure up to the awesomeness of my previous post. I still can't believe it, I actually did meet Brooks. WOW. Still hasn't hit me. Anyway, a nice productive week, in more ways than one. I met Brooks on Monday, got an offer on my house Wednesday night, negotioated and accepted the offer on Friday, had a Yu Gi Oh PreRelease at the shop on Saturday, met up and went to dinner with my best friend in the world today... very very productive week. Oh, I also opened a few packs and got a little mail... Here are the highlights... Effing wow to this one... 4 pc jersys, Ken Griffey Jr the 5th (inside joke there), some guy named Derek Jeter (never heard of him), Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols. Pretty dang good pull, if i do say so myself.
Next up is a little bit of mail from Sportlots. Yay to sportlots. I have a good bit of stuff coming from them over the next few days, so hopefully more blog updates to come...
F Yeah, a NICK THE STICK jersey. Always a good pull for me. Stick is awesome and will continue to be for the Orioles for a long time.
Thanks to Jim, one of my favorite people to watch a game with, I got a 1970 Topps Pagan to knock another high number off my set. Im slowly chipping away at this set, as well as my 55 set. Soon, though, they will be complete and I will move on to 1959!!! Yaaay.

Finally, pulled a by the letter Chris Volstad from 2009 SP Authentic. I like the teal from the Marlins and this card shows up so nice on the scan. What do you guys think?
Finally, in some personal news, we have signed the contract on selling the house, so soon, my finances will have recovered and we will be able to have some cards flowing through here!!! Im so excited! In celebration, I am going to make a purchase off ebay and will share with you all shortly... Thanks for reading, please comment me up. Also, if you haven't, please check my previous post about my trip of awesomeness to see Brooks Robinson!!!!!!!