Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mail Day from Sportlots

Got a little bit of mail in today from Sportlots. Just a few oddball cards I wanted. I really like these Obak cards. I haven't seen any Tristar stuff available this year in the something like 3 shops I go into regularly. I don't know how a lot of you feel, but I always enjoy the retro themed cards. They really make me want to branch out into getting some old tobacco cards at some point, which, if you know me well enough, is bound to happen sooner than later.

Brian Matusz... O's 2008 #1 pick. He went 5-2 this year and really showed that he can hold his own in the AL East. I sure hope he pans out and helps the O's for years to come, they need a new frontline pitcher capable of winning 20+ games, and I really think Matusz has the talent to make a run for it. 2002 Topps 206 Brooks. Once again with the retro theme. Yay for me. Also, Topps 206 returns this year, I can't wait. Especially since monetarily, things have eased up, so I should be able to bust some more boxes with my favorite person to break boxes with :)

Finally, just a K-Mart Brooks from 1982. I probably had this one at some point, but who knows what box that's in. Anyway, I still have a good bit of stuff on the way, so guys, keep a look out, more blogs to come this week.

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