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Friday, November 20, 2009

A couple great cards

I opened a couple packs recently, and pulled some nice stuff: Pretty sweet JOHNNY Cueto card. SWEEP THE LEG!!! Oh wait. We did that already. Anyway, yeah, got me another 'Johnny' card. That makes my third Johnny Cueto auto. Not bad. Too bad Im not a Reds fan.

Ah, Ron Santo. I really like the jersey swatch here. Nice colors. Santo was a damn fine ballplayer. He is also fun to listen to on the Cubs broadcasts as he lives and dies by each and every event in the game. Its nice to hear that kind of passion from a team's announcer and not have to sit through a bunch of awful catchphrases.

I don't think I can stand any more 'Tex Messages,' 'Abombs from Arod,' 'Cano Doncha Know,' Yeah I hope John Sterling can go back to calling tractor pulls. He is awful. Whenever the Orioles play the Yankees, I make sure I am listening to the Os announcers, or I just don't listen because the Yankees announcers SUCK!

Two words: VIN SCULLY!!!!! He is how a game should be called. Or Bob Uecker.

Whew, got a little off topic right there. Have a good night guys. I got one more card scanned that I want to blog this weekend. Will get to it tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

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