Thursday, March 16, 2017

TTM Success - Buck Martinez

I added an autograph to my collection of a former catcher, manager and MLB Network Radio commentator.  Buck Martinez is a TV commentator for the Blue Jays, but I know him from his days on XM Radio.  I listen to XM in my truck every morning, and I miss the days when Buck was on there.

He once told a story on the radio about how someone gave him a Nissan (or Datsun) Z that had his face painted on the hood.  The way he told it was hilarious.  That was probably back in 2009 or so when I heard that.  I've had my XM since 2007, so who knows.
I got Martinez on some nice Topps cards, starting with his second year card (1971 at the top) followed by the 1976 (left) and 1986 (right).
This 1985 Fleer also turned out pretty well.  The blue on the card looks nice, I think.

Martinez (b. 1948) played in the majors from 1969-1971 and 1973-1986 for the Royals, Brewers and Blue Jays.  He had 618 hits, 58 home runs and a .225 batting average.  He managed the Blue Jays in 2001 and 2002 to a record of 100-115 (.465 winning %).

I mailed to Martinez on February 9 and got the cards back on February 21, for a 12-day TAT.

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