Saturday, April 1, 2017

TTM Success - Franklin Stubbs

My incoming TTMs have slowed down tremendously.  I have a ton out there pending return, they just haven't come in as steadily, for whatever reason,  That has helped me knock my stack down some, but there still are a lot more to post.  Taking care of this TTM success from Franklin Stubbs does help, though, since he signed a ton of cards.

I got another 1987 Topps out of the return.  I never get tired of seeing these come in.  There was once a time where I was trying to put my huge 1987 box off on anyone who would take it.  Now, I have really enjoyed getting these signed.  I don't think I will ever pursue anything close to a set, but it is kind of fun to see what all I can get signed from it.
Lost in some of my posts is my admiration for Topps Traded cards.  Starting in the mid 80s, they used a different card stock, and the fronts of the cards seem smoother (but not over-glossed or anything) than a typical Topps Base.  I feel like it helps the colors stand out more on some of them, and the autographs definitely stand out.  Maybe that's just me.
Finally, I got four other Topps cards signed (1989, 1991, 1992, 1993).  I had a lot of Stubbs cards to choose from, but I put the Topps Traded in, ahead of some of his Fleer and/or Donruss.

Stubbs (b. 1960) is a North Carolina native, born in Laurinburg.  He played in the majors from 1984 to 1992 and 1995 for the Dodgers, Astros, Brewers and Tigers.  He had 602 hits, 104 home runs and a .232 batting average.  He won the Wotld Series with the Dodgers in 1988.

I mailed to Stubbs on Februart 27, and got the cards back on March 9, for a 10-day TAT.

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