Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017, Wood Ducks Vs. Dash Graphing

Chris and I went to the Down East Wood Ducks game against the Winston-Salem Dash today to try to get some more autographs.  We did really well today, getting  bunch of autos from the Dash, as well as the Wood Ducks.  The above 2011 Topps cognac parallel turned out really nice.  I had been hoarding Harris cards for TTM, but I was able to get everything that I had signed, which helped out tremendously.
Harris (b. 1978) was really nice to Chris and I.  He signed everything that we had, and then Chris gave me all but one of the cards that he had gotten signed.  I had bought all of his Orioles cards off of COMC, since I wanted to add them to the collection.
Harris played in the majors from 2001 to 2012 for the Orioles, White Sox, Red Sox, Braves, Nationals, Mets and Reds.  He had 580 hits, 39 home runs and a .238 batting average in his career.  He won the World Series in 2005 with the White Sox.
Brian Drahman was really nice.  He also signed everything that Chris and I had.  I had found 5 1992 Topps of his between my boxes and the ones at my LCS.  Drahman (b. 1966) played in the majors from 1991 to 1994 for the White Sox and Marlins.  He had a career record of 3-2 with 29 strike outs and a 3.54 ERA.
I had two cards of prospect, Zack Collins.  He would only sign one, but this 2015 Stars and Stripes turned out really nice.
I busted a jumbo box of 2017 Bowman yesterday and took a few cards from it to the game today.  I was successful in getting all of them signed, starting with these two (a chome and paper) from Dane Dunning.  He was the only player that I got after the game.  The Dash won 6-1, but Dunning was really the only guy I had left that I could get.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Josh Morgan show up in my 2017 Bowman box.  He signed both cards for me, but was off from the game today.  It was just a routine day off.  He was still nice enough to sign.
Between Chris and I, we got four Howard Johnson cards signed.  I still have a ton of his cards, but he has been really nice and has signed for us each time.

Johnson (b. 1960) played in the majors from 1982 to 1995 for the Tigers, Mets and Rockies.  He had 1,229 hits, 228 home runs and a .249 batting average.  He was a two-time All Star and Silver Slugger (1989 and 1991) and his best finish in the MVP Award voting occurred in both of those seasons, with a fifth place finish.  He won the World Series with the Tigers in 1984 and the Mets in 1986.  He appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot in 2001, but didn't receive any votes.
Finally, I got another of my Hickory Crawdads cards signed, this one by Chuck Moorman.  A lot of this year's Wood Ducks were Crawdads last year, so I have gotten a few of the cards signed.

Chris and I did really well at this game, I think.  I am low on Wood Ducks cards, so I think I will be trying to refill at some point soon.

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