Saturday, April 15, 2017

TTM Success - Rich Amaral

I added some cool cards with this success from Rich Amaral.  I have really been wanting to add some Studio cards to my autograph binder, and this 1994 Studio turned out really nice.
I added another 1990 CMC AAA that was in my Mom's box from the attic.  I had the 1993 Jimmy Dean in my collection for a long time, and it is a perfect card to fit into the "different" kinds of cards I want represented in my album.

I also added a couple Topps issues with the 1998 and 1994 shown above.  Amaral has a really nice autograph, and it showed up well on all of the cards.

Amaral (b. 1962) played in the majors from 1991 to 2000 for the Mariners and Orioles.  He had 493 hits, 11 home runs and a .276  batting average.

I mailed to Amaral on March 7 and got the cards back on March 24, for a 17-day TAT.

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