Saturday, April 1, 2017

TTM Success - Bruce Bochy

I have virtually stopped sending out baseballs TTM.  I learned the hard way that the only right way to do a baseball TTM is to send out an Official MLB baseball, and those generally go for $20 a piece, unless you can get a decent deal on a case.  China balls are worthless, and eventually, the autograph that you sought to get becomes a blurry mess (or fades completely).  So, I have jumped headfirst into sending cards TTM and haven't looked back.

That being said, I will send a ball from time to time.  If I am certain that the ball will come back (mail mine back, Jim Bunning!!), then I will send one out to a worthy recipient.  Hence, this Bruce Bochy success.

I mailed to Bochy on February 8 and got the ball back today (April 1) for a 52-day TAT.

Bochy (b. 1955) was born in Landes de Bussac, France, one of only 8 former major leaguers to have been born there.  His father was an Army sergeant and had been stationed there.  Bochy played in the majors from 1978 to 1980 and 1982 to 1987 for the Astros, Mets and Padres.  He had 192 hits, 26 home runs and a .239 batting average.

Bochy would, then, manage the Padres from 1995 to 2006 where he had a 951-975 (.494 winning %) record.  He led the Padres to the World Series in 1998, which they lost to the Yankees.  Bochy moved to the San Francisco Giants in 2007 and has managed there ever since.  He has a record of 838-782 (.517 winning %) and three World Series championships (2010, 2012 and 2014).  His overall managerial record is 1,789-1,757 (.505 %).  He was the Manager of the Year in the NL in 1996.

Bochy is a likely Hall of Famer when he decides to retire.  I figured I would be proactive and get a ball now, just in case.

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