Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ebay Pickup - 2014 Topps Chris Davis Printing Plate

I got a good deal on Ebay the other day when I got this 2014 Topps Chris Davis printing plate for just over $30.  I really needed it if I was going to pursue the rainbow.  I already have the purple, clear and a couple of the other variations.  I lost out on the blank back, which went off the other day at $121.  Yeah, I'm not going to spend that much.  I just saw that the 2012 blank back was listed on Ebay, so I figure maybe I'll see the '14 again.  I may even go after the '12.  I would like to complete one rainbow at some point, but those true 1/1 cards really kick my butt.

Anyway, this printing plate is really cool.  I actually have a quite a few printing plates in my various PCs, so they're not too tough to come by.  I'm still glad I got it and at such a good price.

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