Monday, February 17, 2014

A Big Package From Weston

I got a really nice package in tht mail from my buddy, Weston, recently that had a ton of set and PC needs.  He included 6 2013 Topps Emerald parallels that I needed for my set and bunch of Orioles.  He was able to do what not a whole lot of people have been able to do, he found me a Cal Ripken that I didn't already have in my collection.  The above 2012 Triple Play Hall of Fame card is really awesome, even without the O's team logo.
Weston really scored here with this awesome JJ Hardy All Star jersey relic.  I wasn't expecting something as nice as this, but I definitely appreciate it.  Weston really went above and beyond by sending this card.  I hope the Orioles can hurry up and extend JJ.  They both seem to want to get a deal done, so come on guys, lets get moving!
FInally, I wanted to show off this really sharp looking 2004 Donruss Brooks Robinson.  I'm really excited that Panini is bringing back the Donruss brand.  They were a huge part of my childhood, so it will be nice to see the brand come back.  Even without a license, I think Panini does a good job.

So, thanks for the package, Weston!  I really appreciate it.  Everyone, please go check out his blog, he works really hard on it and does a good job.

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