Monday, February 3, 2014

COMC Pickup - 2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Refractor Manny Machado

I got another COMC package in today.  I was going to hold off posting anything from it until I posted my Fan Fest stuff, my 2014 Topps stuff and a package I got today from Weston.  Unfortunately, it took me a lot longer tonight to sort my 2014 base cards, plus, I had someone take me up on my offer to build a 1987 Topps set, so I was finishing that up.

That being said, I decided it would be best for me to do a brief post tonight on one card as opposed to some Fan Fest items, etc.  Therefore, behold the 2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave refractor of Manny Machado that I got off of COMC for $10.25.  Not bad, since Manny's stuff carries a premium these days.

I really wanted to get the Blue Wave refractor, so I went ahead and used some store credit on it instead of running up my Paypal on Ebay.  The card scanned amazingly, as you can tell above.

Stay tuned tomorrow, as I hope to get started with actual hits from Fan Fest.

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