Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hits From 2014 Topps Series One

Continuing on with my 2014 Topps posts, here are the biggest hits that I got from my break of three jumbo boxes.  I got three manufactured relics.  All of them were Red Sox.  Two of them were Ted Williams.  Not too bad.  I'm sure Scott will end up with some of them and I know my brother, John, will end up with at least one as well.
This Topps Black parallel was pretty sweet.  I'm no Yankee fan, but this card will definitely get top loaded and put in with my good cards.  This will likely end up being an iconic card for Mo, I believe.  Even with the product placement for Pepsi and Gatorade as well.
Finally, I had an epic pull in one of my boxes (I believe it was the second box).  I got a redemption for a Cal Ripken Trajectory autograph.  Pretty sweet, if you ask me.  I was kind of in shock when I pulled it.  I was beside Scott and on Skype with Andrew, so they got to see it get pulled also.

Ok, there you have it.  I got some good stuff from 2014 Topps.  I ended up with a few other autos (Wade Miley and Jason Kipnis) and some decet relics (Buster Posey, Rick Porcello and Andrelton Simmons).  I got a pink parallel (Wily Peralta) and another black parallel that I hope to post soon.  Overall, I was very satisfied with my purchase of three boxes of cards from my friend and supplier, Taylor Crane from CranesCards.

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