Saturday, February 15, 2014

So What If I've Never Had A Contest

This blog has run for five years and not once have I had a contest.  Never.  Well, today, I was looking around and saw that I have a good many baseballs sitting on my shelves and in closets that really need good homes.  So, I thought it might be nice to part with a few in fun ways.

I have one ball up for grabs on my Instagram account, so if you wanted to take a look, my username is: wregenthal.

For the above baseball, it can be won by the person who scores enough points. How do you score points?  Well, first, you sign up by commenting on my blog down below, which will activate your interest.  That's one point.  If you are already a follower of or become a follower of my blog, that's another point.

THEN, you must correctly answer (by sending me an email) the following questions, point values will be awarded based on the difficulty of the question. The individual who has the most points by 8:PM Eastern time tomorrow, will be the winner of the above baseball.

**You get a bonus point if you enter my Instagram contest as well.

Convoluted?  Well, this is why I don't have contests :)

I know some folks who don't have google+ can't comment on my blog entries.  You can email me with your interest.  Please follow the blog, though.

Ok, here are the questions (please EMAIL me with your responses.  My email is on my siderbar)

1. In what movie is the line said: "You're a policeman, there are rules for policemen." (3 points)

2. What New York Yankees fan would I hit with a shovel if I ever saw him in real life? (5 points)

3. What, in my opinion, is the movie that ended the cold war? (5 points)

4. What was the first set I completed after I started this blog? (10 points)

5. What was the first card I got in my first trade with Drew? (10 points)

6. Who signed this baseball? (5 points)

Thanks for playing guys.  I'm really looking to just have fun with this.

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