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Friday, May 19, 2017

TTM Success - Dave Goltz

My TTM success stack has dwindled down to just a few players, now.  I have gotten fewer and fewer successes back, mainly due to my sending to more difficult-to-obtain signatures, and a gap in sending once the season started.  Still, I have a few more to go, before I am all caught up, then maybe I can show off some recent trades and EBay pickups.  I also have something non-baseball related for tonight, but we will see how time shakes out this evening.
I was able to get several Topps cards signed by former pitcher, Dave Goltz.  I wanted to add another 1973 Topps to the album, and did so, along with a 75, 78, 80 and 82.  Not too bad!

Goltz (b. 1949) played in the majors from 1972 to 1983 for the Twins, Dodgers and Angels.  He had a career record of 113-109 with 1,105 strike outs and an ERA of 3.69.  He was a 20-game winner in 1977 and finished 6th in the AL Cy Young Award voting.  He won the World Series with the Dodgers in 1981.

I mailed to Goltz on April 24 and got the cards back on May 15 for a 21-day TAT.

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