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Monday, May 22, 2017

Some Recent Chris Davis Pickups

I have added some nice Chris Davis cards to the PC recently, but haven't had the chance to post them until today.  I have a saved search on my Ebay for Chris Davis 1/1, acetate and /5 parallels, since I like them so much.  Those followed searched yielded the above acetate parallel from 2017 Topps, and the cards below.

I absolutely love the acetate parallels.  I hope Topps keeps them coming in future sets, but I still have no idea what packs they are pulled from.  I have opened countless packs and boxes of Topps since they started doing the acetate parallels, and still have yet to pull one.
This is a Topps 65th Anniversary Party 1/1 buyback that I got really cheap off of Ebay.  These were exclusive to the party, and is a buyback of the sapphire parallels that came in the 2016 Topps complete sets.
Finally, here is a 2017 Donruss press proof Chris Davis that is numbered 5/5.  I love this design of Donruss, and the card looks really cool.

I hope to have some more mail when I get home.  I have one nice Chris Davis that I picked up before I left town, and it should be there when I get home.

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