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Sunday, May 21, 2017

An Extraordinary Instagram Trade

I received a random direct message on Instagram a while back from a guy who uses the handle "extraordinary_cards".  He had this Tier One Cal Ripken auto that he wanted to trade.  I humored him, but figured that I definitely didn't have anything that would match up in a trade.  I made a comment saying "I don't think I have a lot I can offer, but I do have a Nick Castellanos 1/1 letter patch".  It turns out, he PCs Castellanos, and I didn't need to look for anything else to offer.
He also didn't feel like the Ripken was enough to seal the deal, so he added this Tim Lincecum relic for Chris and two autograph cards.
I didn't have any David Hess certified autos, and I was able to get this Poncedeleon for Andrew.

I think the trade worked out really well.  It took a while to get here, because USPS delayed the package for about a week, but everything ended up getting in safely.

As you can see, I am finally caught up on TTMs, for the moment, at least.  I have some other pickups that I want to get in, so there will finally be a little variety in my posts.

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