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Friday, May 26, 2017

IP Autos From Dugan

My good friend, Dugan, has been working on getting me some autos this season from some International League players, via the Durham Bulls.  A batch came in the other day from Dugan that had three autographs for me.  I honestly don't remember sending him this Kean Wong, but ok.  It turned out great!
I also got these two 2015 Topps cards back.  I only had a couple of them signed, so these help pump up my 2015 Topps numbers just a bit.  The David Lough was actually sent to me by someone (I can't remember who sent it) that had a note to give it to my mom if I didn't need it.  I think Mom will be ok if she sees that it will be going in my autograph album.

Thanks so much for the autos, Dugan.  I am currently working on a Hickory Crawdads team set via the Wood Ducks for him, so I'll be able to repay him soon.

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