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Saturday, January 16, 2021

TTM Success - James Marvel

I got some nice, recent cards signed TTM by James Marvel.  The above 2020 Topps gold turned out awesome.  I skipped sending his base 2020 in favor of the gold, and I'm glad I did.  I can always try him again; maybe at Spring Training.
I also got this 2019 Heritage Minors innings leaders card signed.  I doubt I'll try for the other guys, but you never know.

Marvel (b. 1993) played in the majors in 2019 for the Pirates.  He didn't play in the majors last season.  He has a record of 0-3 with 9 strike outs and a 8.31 ERA.

I mailed to Marvel on October 7 and got the cards back on November 3, for a 7-day TAT.  He kept my 2019 Bowman Platinum.

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