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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

TTM Success - Mike Timlin

Here we have another player who floated around my "to be TTMed" box for a long time before I finally got around to mailing.  I actually sent three cards of Mike Timlin out for signature, but he only signed two of them.  The one card he didn't sign was a 1998 Score, but that's ok, it'll go in my "extras" pile that gets sorted, then mailed out to kids as TTM Starter Packs.  I figure that's a good way to recycle some cards once I have a success back; send them out to kids to help them since they may not have many of those years of cards.
I was glad Timlin chose to sign this 1992 Fleer Rookie Sensations card.  This was picked up at my LCS, and I thought it would look nice in my album.  I always enjoy getting "different" cards signed.

Timlin (b. 1966) played in the majors from 1991 to 2008 for the Blue Jays, Mariners, Orioles, Cardinals, Phillies and Red Sox.  He had a career record of 75-73 with 872 strike outs and an ERA of 3.63.  He also had 141 career saves.  Timlin won the World Series twice with the Blue Jays (1992 and 1993) and twice with the Red Sox (2004 and 2007).

I mailed to Timlin on January 11 and got the cards back signed on January 27, for a 16-day TAT.

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