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Friday, February 10, 2017

Care Package From Tom

I got a surprise care package in the mail recently from fellow blogger, Tom.  He writes the blog, The Angels, In Order, and the two of us have interacted a bit here and there via the blogs and Instagram.  Tom was making some room in his collection for more Angels stuff, and sent me a few Orioles goodies for my collection.

The above 1993 All Star ballot was something really awesome that I wasn't expecting to see.  1993 was the year when Camden Yards hosted the All Star Game, and having one of the ballots, in mint condition, is a really cool piece to my collection.  I think it was really awesome of Tom to include it!
Tom Also included a few Orioles post cards and these three signed baseball cards.  I recently sent to Leo Gomez, but thankfully, I didn't send this one.  I always enjoy a nice 1988 Topps signed and the Melvin Mora Cracker Jack is one I really would have loved to have gotten TTM if I had some of the cards available.  Thankfully, Tom hooked me up, and I can have one of these in my album!

Thank you so much for the care package, Tom!  I really appreciate it!

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