Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TTM Success - Travis Driskill

I saw that former Orioles pitcher, Travis Driskill, was signing TTM, so I went ahead and sent the one card that I had to him.  This 2004 Topps turned out really nice.  I actually had only one other of this year of Topps signed.

Driskill (b. 1971) played in the majors from 2002 to 2005 and 2007 for the Orioles, Rockies and Astros.  He had a career record of 11-14 with 123 strike outs and an ERA of 5.23.  He pitched during the Orioles dark ages, so I don't remember much of his time there.  Still, I was really happy to get this card back.

I mailed to Driskill on November 22 and got the card back on December 2, for a 10-day TAT.

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