Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Gift From Kaleb

I wanted to lead off my 2016 Christmas haul with a gift that really touched my heart, and it came from my good friend, Kaleb.  I may not trade with Kaleb often, but I talk to him almost daily.  He is a great guy who I sincerely enjoy talking to,and my hope is that we can keep it going for a long time.

I met Kaleb through my buddy, Josh; the two of them have been best friends their whole lives.  I'm really happy that Josh introduced Kaleb and I.

Kaleb went through his collection and sent me what seems to be every Oriole that he had.  He also included a really nice note.  I always love getting notes in care packages, so those become great gifts for me in themselves.

Thank you so much for the Christmas package, Kaleb!  I love it, and I am very happy that you thought of me!

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