Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TTM Success - Denny Doyle

I got a TTM success on Monday (3/14) when I got two cards back from former player, Denny Doyle.  I mailed to him on 3/4 and got both cards back in 10 days.  Not bad!

Doyle has a really cool signature, as you can see above.  This 1976 Topps came out of the cards that Max sent me a while back, and was the first 1976 that I have been able to get signed.  I think the card looks really good, even though it got creased just a bit in the mail.
I also got this 1976 Post card signed.  It is pretty badly miscut, but still looks nice with his signature.

Doyle (b. 1944) played in the majors from 1970 to 1977 for the Phillies, Angels and Red Sox.  He had 823 hits, 16 home runs and .250 lifetime batting average.  He finished 23rd in the 1975 AL MVP voting.

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