Friday, March 11, 2016

TTM Success - Greg Gagne

I got a huge TTM success back on Monday (March 7) when I got 5 cards signed by Greg Gagne.  I finally was able to put one of these 1989 Bowmans to use.  These cards are nice, since they are bigger than normal cards and were always hard to store.  I guess they were trying to bring back the essence of the pre-57 cards, but I'm glad they went and shrunk the cards for the 1990 set.  The card that I got signed, though, looks really cool.
Here is a nice blue 1990 Topps that looks really good with the blue sharpie that Gagne used for his signature.  I always liked the 1990 set.  When 2015 came out, it reminded me of the 1990 set, which also reminds me a little of the 1975 set.
This 1993 Upper Deck looks really cool, too.  The blue sharpie again matches well with the colors of Gagne's uniform and also the color scheme of the card.  I doubt that was intentional on his part, but bravo to him anyway, it makes the card look really sharp.
Ah, 1996 Collector's Choice.  These came out right when I got out of collecting cards for a while.  Still, it was cool to get one of them signed.
This 1997 Fleer Ultra tuned out really nice.  Borderless cards like this or Stadium Club really turn out great.  I don't feel like any of the cards I have sent turned out bad.  I just get excited when I get an autograph.  I think I would be excited if a player sent me a signed napkin.

Gagne (b. 1961) played in the majors from 1983 to 1997 for the Twins, Royals and Dodgers.  He had 1,440 hits, 111 home runs and a lifetime .254 batting average.  He finished 22nd in the 1993 AL MVP voting and won the World Series with the Twins in 1987 and 1991.

I went 5/5 with the cards that I sent and got them in a 14-day TAT.

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