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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Another TTM Success From Jack McKeon

Even at 91 years old, Jack McKeon is still a very prolific TTM signer.  I had this 1974 Topps card of him turning up lots of times through my TTM box, it seemed, so I decided to finally drop it in the mail.  The card turned out great, plus it afforded me the opportunity to add a couple different 2010 Topps Franchise History cards to the mailer.
I have a bunch of these cards pulled so I can send them out, but have kind of stalled out in sending them.  I was able to get two of them out of the stack by sending to McKeon, so that was pretty cool.

I mailed to McKeon on December 14 and got the cards back on December 20, for a 6-day TAT.

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