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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Bunch of Signed Cards From Gerard

My good friend, Gerard, spends a lot of time helping me move cards out of my boxes, much like my friend, Max, does.  Gerard graphs the Red Sox sometimes, and also the Sox minor league teams in his area (AAA and AA), so he helps me get a bunch of card signed.  He got Tom Goodwin for me a while back, who is now no longer coaching for the Red Sox.  I'm glad I was able to send out the cards that I had, and Gerard got some nice ones for himself as part of a 50/50.
There were a lot of Goodwin cards; three of which will go onto my Topps legder, 1993, 1999 and 2000 Topps (all bottom row).  The cards on the top row are a 1998 Topps Stadium Club, 1997 Pacific ad a 1997 Upper Deck.  The card at the top of the post is a 1997 Finest.
I was really happy that Gerard was able to get my 2018 Carolina League Top Prospects card and my 2019 Pro Debut green parallel signed by Bobby Dalbec.  I saw Dalbec play when the Salem Red Sox came through Kinston, and got Dalbec on a few cards, but he was gone by the time the Top Prospects card came out.  He has gotten increasingly tougher, so I was lucky that Gerard was able to hook me up.
Here are a few other cards that Gerard sent me, a signed 2000 Bowman of Alex Cora, a 2015 Bowman signed by Tate Matheny and a 2017 Bowman signed by Brett Netzer.
Finally, here's another signed Alex Cora (a 2008 Upper Deck) and a 2016 Heritage Cubs team card signed by John Andreoli.

Thanks for all of the signatures, Gerard.  I hope we can knock out more cards in the 2022 season!

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