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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2021 50/50s From Drake

Finally, I have caught up on posting TTM autographs, so now, I can move a few stacked of signed cards out of the way and into my album from some 50/50s and trades from this past summer (and probably 2020, as well).  My friend, Drake, helped me out with a 50/50 this summer when he took his annual trip to Florida for vacation.  He hit up the Lakeland Flying Tigers and got a few nice cards signed, starting with the above blue parallel from 2019 Bowman Draft f Jose De La Cruz.
Drake got a few Ulrich Bojarski cards signed for me, which helped move a few out of my boxes.
I'll have to keep an eye out for where Riley Greene is playing, if I want to finish this card.  It doesn't look like he signs TTM, at all, so I will have to try and see if I will see him in the future.
Drake got me Nick Quntana on the dual card, as well as the 2019 Bowman Draft, along with 2020 Bowmans of Colt Keith and Gage Workman.  He went to see Fort Myers, as well, but was only able to get me Yunior Severino.  Bad weather and COVID protocols kept Drake from finishing the rest of the cards I sent, so I got them back, along with a blind trade of signed cards that Drake sent to make up for this missed ones.  I'll post those later on.

Thanks for the 50/50, Drake.  I know we will do some more in 2022.

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