Wednesday, February 24, 2021

TTM Success - Mark McLemore

I got a couple more cards out of my rookies box when I received this TTM success from Mark McLemore.  Not to be confused with the former Mariners/Orioles second baseman, this Mark McLemore was a pitcher.  The above 2007 Topps Rookie 52 turned out great.  I wish I had held onto more of those cards back then, but I let a bunch go at card shows.  Now, I am enjoying seeing them get signed.
I also got this 2007 Bowman signed, which looks really nice.

McLemore (b. 1980) played in the majors in 2007 for the Astros.  He went 3-0 with 35 strike outs and a 3.86 ERA.

I mailed to McLemore on November 20 and got the cards back on December 12, for a 22-day TAT.

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