Sunday, May 22, 2016

TTM Success - Solly Hemus

Some more signed cards that I picked up in Columbia came in when I got three from Solly Hemus.  I had picked up a 1952 Topps that looked really nice.  I now have 7 signed cards from that set, and they all look great.
1954 Topps always looks nice, and Mr. Hemus's signature does, in fact, resemble the faux signature that was printed on the card.
Finally, here is a really colorful 1957 Topps.  All of the red in the background of the card makes Hemus kind of blend in and a little difficult to see.  Regardless, it is still a pretty cool card!

Hemus (b. 1923) played in the majors from 1949 to 1959 for the Cardinals, and Phillies.  He had 736 hits, 51 home runs and an average of .273.  He finished 31st in the NL MVP voting in 1952, the only time he received votes for the award.  Hemus also appeared on the 1966 Hall of Fame ballot and received 0.3% of the vote.

I mailed to him on April 18 and got the cards back on May 2 for a 14-day TAT.

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