Thursday, May 5, 2016

TTM Success - Dick Brodowski

I received quite a few TTM successes on April 25.  Several of which were cards I had gotten from the Columbia antique shop.  The first TTM success I opened that day was from Dick Brodowski on this 1953 Topps.  I mailed to Brodowski on April 18 and got the cards back 7 days later.  This card came with a personalization of "Bill - Best Wishes" which was a nice touch.

Brodowski (b. 1932) played in the majors from 1952 and 1955 to 1959 for the Red SOx, Senators and Indians.  In my TTM success, Mr. Brodowski put in a small note about the time he missed during the 1953 and 1954 seasons:

1953-54 "Battle of Fort Dix" - it took a couple of years to get back to the level of the Major Leagues. - Korean War!!

I thought that was a nice touch from him.  I know a lot of fellow collectors who enjoy folowing the careers and obtaining autographs of World War II veterans, yet there were players who also left the sport to fight in Korea, Vietnam and even Iraq.

Brodowski had a career record of 9-11 with an ERA of 4.76 and 85 strike outs.

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