Saturday, May 7, 2016

Care Package From Caleb

I was skyping with my buddy Caleb when he saw that I was interested in getting some Seattle Pilots autographs TTM.  He jumped out of his chair and ran across his room to grab a set of cards that his uncle had given him, a 1983 Renata Galasso Seattle Pilots set.  He took the John Donaldson out of the set so he could get him TTM, and sent me a couple of guys that I could try.  I have already sent off a few of them; guys I already had a couple cards of, and held on to the above Wayne Comer and Rich Rollins.  I held on to them in case I found a couple other cards I could send, instead of just doing one card.  These should go out soon.
Caleb also sent a stack of Orioles cards.  This Frank Robinson manufactured patch card is pretty cool, and one I didn't have in my collection.  I was glad Caleb included it in the care package.

Thank you for the cards, Caleb!

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