Monday, December 28, 2020

TTM Success - Roger Moret

With all of the TTMs that I send out to older players, it was bound to happen that while the cards sat in my stack, waiting to be scanned and blogged, a player would pass away.  It just recently happened with Roger Moret.  Sadly, he passed away before I could get the cards scanned, but I was lucky enough to get him TTM before he passed.
Moret signed a 1971 Topps Rookie Stars, a 1972 Topps and a 1978 Topps for me in black marker.

Moret (b. 1949 - d. 2020) played in the majors from 1970 to 1978 for the Red Sox, Braves and Rangers.  He had a career record of 47-27 with 408 strike outs and a 3.66 ERA.

Moret passed away on December 7, at the age of 71 from cancer.

I mailed to Moret on August 12 and got the cards back on October 13, for a 62-day TAT.  The last success anyone received from him was on November 17.  He must have taken a turn around that time.

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