Tuesday, December 1, 2020

1987 Topps Set Pickup - Jeff Sellers

My 1987 set project continues to move along, as I am 78% complete on the set (there are 792 cards).  I haven't adjusted for the team leaders cards, but I intend to update my checklist by spelling out who all is on each team leaders card.  I just haven't done it yet.

Still, I have come a long way with the set, and I can continue to knock names off of my checklist.  I had checked and saw that Jeff Sellers doesn't sign TTM, so I picked up a signed card off of Ebay when one popped up.

Sellers (b. 1964) played in the majors from 1985 to 1988 for the Red Sox.  He had a career record of 13-22 with 226 strike outs and a 4.97 ERA.

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