Saturday, July 7, 2018

Some Orioles Cards From Cal

The way the Orioles season has gone has driven me completely away from picking up new cards for the collection.  I have had zero interest in spending any money on anything Orioles related, but I still appreciate when a friend thinks of me and sends something my way.  A while back (before the season), my buddy, Cal, sent me a few Orioles cards for the collection.
Cal is a great guy, and I really appreciated the gesture.  While the Orioles have been the worst team in baseball since last September, I will always be a fan.  I may be holed up in a doomsday bunker for a while, but I will emerge hopefully in the future, when it is a bit brighter for the O's.  Let's also hope that Chris Davis figured out his swing somewhere along the way, because he is set for a historic season, for all of the wrong reasons.  Hit the dang ball, and quit looking like a deer in the headlights.  Come on!

Thanks for the cards, Cal.  They are definitely well received, even though the O's stink right now.  I have some cards to send your way, soon.

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