Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Some Autos From Michael

My friend, Michael, hooked me up with some signed cards that he got taken care of for me.  He picked some of these up from me when he was visiting in May.  The above Fred Valentine was a nice one that he got done.  I think we found it at the LCS, but I can't remember.
I don't think there were all mine.  Still, it was cool to see some Oriole Bird signed cards come in.
I liked this Jay Gibbons that Michael had.  I thought I got one already, but I think we had discussed it in a deal, then I substituted it later on.
Michael got a lot of Larry Sheets cards signed.  A LOT of them.
Here are even more Sheets cards.  They all look cool,and I am glad they made it into my album.

Thanks for getting these cards done, Michael!

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