Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Bunch of SIgned 1987 Topps For The Set

I have begun buying cards I need for my 1987 set.  Along with the paid private signings, I have come to a point with the set where a lot of what I want in it won't be free.  There are a good number of tough to get players, and also deceased ones who I know I will have to either trade for or pay some money.

I got the above Don Baylor off of Ebay fairly cheaply, and compared it to other Baylors.  It looks legit, and makes up for my failure to send to him before he passed.
I'm waiting on a TTM request to come back from Hal Lanier, but I went ahead and traded with someone on Instagram for this one.  If the TTM comes back, I'll have some trade bait.
My friend, Noah, went to a signing in Detriot a few weeks ago and picked these two up for me.  Berenguer signs for a fee TTM, and that fee was the same as this signing, I think, so I went ahead and let Noah get this for me.  I saw that Evans signed some, so I do have a TTM out there somewhere, and if that one comes back, it, too will be trade bait.
I cashed in my Speedy Rewards points for a $25 Ebay gift card and used most of it on the above Sparky Anderson.  It was JSA certified, as well as the above Dick Williams.  I used the remainder of the Ebay card, and my Ebay bucks, as coupons on the Williams.
While I was looking at the Williams and Anderson, I saw this lot of deceased former managers for $25.  I had several collectors check out the signatures and they all said they were legit.  When I posted it on my Instagram, even more people told me that they were authentic.  I got the lot for what one of them would have cost me as a single card.
Finally, I was having a conversation with my old friend, Max in California, and he was telling me that Kirk Gibson was in pretty bad shape from his battle with Parkinson's.  So, I decided to try to go ahead and pick this up for the set.  Gibson is a player who I would enjoy meeting, and/or getting something TTM, but with the battle he has ahead of him, I definitely don't want to bother him at all.

So, here they are.  I knocked off several cards for the set, and they are all in my album.

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