Friday, July 20, 2018

Some Autos From Max

My buddy, Max, recently saw the Phillies and got a few cards signed for me.  One of the cards he took for me was this 2013 Topps Tommy Hunter blue sparkle parallel.  The card turned out amazingly.  I had gotten the card way back in 2013 from a kid named Erik, whom I have lost touch with.  I still appreciate this card, and hope Erik is doing well, wherever he is.
Max hooked me up with some nice autos.  I sent him a bunch that I was able to find fairly quickly over a lunch break from work.  I got the cards to him and he sent a few back.  I was happy to help out, and also happy to move some things out of my box.
I like that Max can take a few cards off of my hands and turn them into autos.  We have jad our arrangement for autos for probably 4 years now, and it works out great.

Thanks for the cards, Max!!

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