Sunday, September 16, 2018

Set Complete - 2018 Topps

It only took a hurricane, but I finally sorted my 2018 Topps Series 2 cards and completed my set.  Normally, I get them sorted in the weekend in which they arrive, but I kept myself busy with games and TTMs this summer, and left the cards sitting on my desk since June.

Not to worry.  We were housebound with the hurricane that came through beginning on Thursday night, and I began sorting the cards yesterday.  My son, Chris, was allowed to pick the entertainment on Netflix, and we watched Sharknado 2 through 4 yesterday.  I'm not sure I'll be allowing him to choose the movies from here on out.  The same child who said those movies were funnier than the Naked Gun movies.  Something is wrong with him.

Anyway, yeah, I completed my 2018 Topps set, and can now finally go through the Series 2 duplicates and prep them for spring training TTMs and graphing.

Also, I was able to put 2 sets together, so if anyone is interested in the second set, it is available.  Shipping on those set boxes is a bit high, so keep that in mind.

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