Sunday, October 8, 2017

IP Autos From Michael

I am really behind on my posts.  It also doesn't help that my desk is a mess and I sat this stack of cards in a spot that conveniently made me forget about them.  About a month ago, I got a package from my buddy, Michael.  He had gone to a bunch of Orioles and Orioles affiliate games this summer.  I sent him some cards to 50/50, and he hooked me up!

From what Mike says, Mark Hendrickson is a tough signer, so I was really happy to get this 2009 Topps back.
I had sent Michael a few generic Orioles cards, just in case he had something to get signed if he ran into any Orioles alumni who he might not have cards of.  Conveniently, he ran into Ron Hansen, and got these done for me.
 I was able to add two more Ryan Ripken cards to my album, thanks to Michael.  Ripken actually had a decent year at low A Aberdeen.  The Orioles sent him to the  AFL, so maybe he can continue in the organization.  I wouldn't mind meeting him.  I know it is a very long shot for him to make the majors, but it is still cool to see him in the organization.
Michael is close personally with Adrian Marin, so it is a bit easier for him to get autos from Marin, as opposed to some other players.  He hooked me up with some nice cards.
Finally, here are two autos from DJ Stewart and Tim Berry.  Berry returned to the organization last year, and I was surprised that he didn't get called up when the rosters expanded.  Surely, he could have done better than Ubaldo.

Thanks for the cards, Michael!

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