Sunday, October 1, 2017

TTM Success - Trever Miller

I had Trever Miller's cards in my box for a long time before I finally got around to mailing to him.  I'm not sure what took me so long, but I'm glad I finally got around to sending these out.  His cards cover a wide range of years, beginning with this 1992 Pinnacle.
I also had this 1991 Classic Best that was in one of my boxes.  I don't think I have gotten any other cards from this set signed.  I remember way back when thinking that the Classic Minor League cards would be worth a lot.  It has just taken me 26 years to fully apperciate a minor league card, now that I'm graphing.
Finally, here are the two Topps cards that I was able to find in my boxes.  I'm glad I found the 2011 Topps, as I don't have many of those around to get signed at all. 

Miller (b. 1973) played in the majors in 1996, 1998 to 2000 and 2003 to 2011 for the Tigers, Astros, Phillies, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Devil Rays/Rays, Cardinals and Red Sox.  He had a career record of 18-17 with 434 strike outs and an ERA of 4.18.

I mailed to Miller on September 2 and got the cards back on September 23, for a 21-day TAT.

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