Thursday, October 26, 2017

It's About Time!

I was told all season that the Wood Ducks would not be making team card sets for the 2017 season.  I got a surprise on Twitter the other day, though, when I happened to see that the Wood Ducks had finally gotten some created.

I said all season long that they should, especially since this was their first season.  What better way to cap it all off than to issue a set commemorating the championship season?

I love the design, a take on the 1982 Topps design, but with a wood bordered background.  I enjoyed thumbing through the set and seeing the familiar faces from this season.  I'm sure that many of them won't be back, but I'll still find a way to get them signed.

I bought 4 sets initially, one for me to work on getting signed next season, one to put in an album to keep a running series of Wood Ducks sets, and two so that Chris could do the same.

I hope they come out with sets every year.  I like the idea of keeping up with an album of each season.  I may also expand it to include Wood Ducks featured in Minor League Heritage and Pro Debut.  I only have two cards to add, then, with Yanio Perez showing up in Heritage, and the Wood Ducks mascot, Dewd, showing up on the disc inserts.

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