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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Awesome Brooks Robinson Pickup From The National

On the last day of the National, I was way over budget and almost tapped out on cash.  I didn't let it stop me from adding some cards to my collection, though.  I mean, that was the reason I went to the National in the first place, to have a good time and buy some cards.

I had seen this 2010 Topps Sterling Brooks Robinson 5-piece relic card at the Wednesday sneak peek, but the guy at the table gave a redonkulous price, and I balked at it.

Come Sunday, however, the prices were much more reasonable, and I grabbed this card as my last purchase.

This is the Sterling card that I had mentioned a couple times, if you haven't figured that out already.  I really like the product, and being able to add this to the Brooks PC, well, that was a nice treat.  This might be one of the best Brooks cards that I have in my collection.  It is right up there with the Brooks RC, or the graded 1967 Topps that my mom got me.

My pile of cards from the National is beginning to dwindle down, then I have some IP autos to show.  I'll continue to post some stuff from the National, of course, but in the next week or so, I am going to start getting back into maildays and such.  I hope you all are enjoying seeing the stuff I picked up, though.  Thanks for reading!

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