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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bargain Bin Nolan Reimold Pickups From The National

I have a long way to go before I finish up all of my posts about the National.  I'm cool with that, since I had a good, dry spell with very little to write about.  I still am not buying any cards, which is good, but that hurts with trades, since nothing new is coming in.  I still will be a while before I can get my expenses back in line, especially with the unexpected one that arose last week.

Anyway, I wanted to show off two of the bargain bin cards that I picked up while I was at the National.  I got these two Nolan Reimold cards from the same vendor; he had $2.00 (I think) relics and autos, so I made out like a champ with these cards.  They were either $2.00 or $5.00.  I don't remember.

I already had one of these 2009 Topps Triple Threads 7=pc relic/auto cards.  This one, though, has a patch.  Numbered 73/75, I was really happy to add it to the Reimold PC.
I didn't have this 2008 Donruss Threads Diamond King auto, in the PC yet.  I was really happy to spot it in the box.  It is numbered 222/500.  I think I did really well with my Reimold PC while I was at the National.

I learned that it is really tough if you are looking for singular cards while you are there.  However, if you have a couple players in mind, you have a good chance of finding them in the bargain bins, as long as their name isn't Mantle, Ruth, etc.  One of my friends is a big Jack Wilson fan, and another is a huge Nori Aoki fan, and I found quite a few cards of each of those guys while I was there.  I'm sure if I had hit a few more of those bargain bins, I would have come away with more Reimolds.

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