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Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 National Free VIP Signer - Ben Grieve

The next specialty baseball I got signed at the National was this 1998 Rawlings Official All Star baseball by 1998 AL Rookie of the Year, Ben Grieve.  Grieve didn't talk a whole lot, but was friendly nonetheless.  That ball, though, looks really cool.  It is in Rockies colors, and Grieve signed it below the logo.

The 1998 AL Rookie of the Year inscription was also free, which was nice.  I did my best to get some special baseballs for some of the free signers, since I didn't necessarily have a need for them in the collection.  I do like getting various rookies of the year, or MVPs, so it did work out with Grieve and a couple of the other signers.

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