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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Christmas Present From Mom, in August, at the National

This past Christmas, my mom gave me a $20 prepaid Master Card to use on baseball cards.  It took me until August to use it, but I think I did pretty well.

I challenged myself to get the best possible deal with the card, and the two cards I got far surpassed anything that I thought I would be able to find.

The above 2014 Topps Trajectory jumbo relic of Chris Davis would probably have found itself on next year's Top 10 Wishlist, since I really wanted one, but hadn't jumped on one yet.  The card is numbered 11/99, and looks awesome.  I really loved the Trajectory design, and now I have this and a Ripken auto.
I was also able to throw in this 2014 Topps Supreme Jonathan Schoop auto, numbered 45/45.  This was the other Schoop auto I had referred to in my Schoop post a couple days ago.

The Davis jumbo has gome for $15-$20 regularly, so being able to get it, and the numbered to 45 Schoop auto was really a steal.  I feel like I did a great job in my "challenge."  I may do something similar at next year's show.  Take a certain amount of money, and challenge myself to get the best possible deal, then blog about it.  Seems too easy...

Thanks for the Christmas present, Mom!

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