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Friday, November 26, 2021

TTM Success - Travis Hafner

Another card that I found while digging through my boxes was this really cool 2001 Bowmans Best Franchise Futures Travis Hafner.  I added it to my stack of stuff that I really wanted to get signed, and sent it off not too long after.  He signs through PastPros, so I had no problems getting it signed; it was more of waiting until I wanted to pay.  The card turned out great and looks awesome in my album.

Hafner (b. 1977) played in the majors from 2002 to 2013 for the Rangers, Indians and Yankees.  He had 1,107 hits, 213 home runs and a .273 batting average.  His best MVP finish was 5th in 2005.  He appeared on the 2019 Hall of Fame ballot, but received no votes.

I mailed to Hafner via PastPros on October 9 and got the card back on October 22, for a 13-day TAT.

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