Monday, November 2, 2020

TTM Success - Spencer Butt

I was able to get another 2020 Stars & Stripes card signed when I got this TTM success back from Team USA 15U member Spencer Butt.  The card looks way better in person.  I'm not a big fan of the all-foil cards in Stars & Stripes.  I like the plain ones better.

Butt (b. 2005) is the same age as my son.  It is official, I have finally asked a kid my son's age, for his autograph.  I had hoped that person would be his former teammate, Thomas, but he doesn't have any cards yet.  Anyway, Butt is a pitcher and infielder on the 15U squad for Team USA.  In 2019 he pitched 6 innings with a 1.50 ERA and 4 strike outs.  He also appeared on the 12U team for Team USA in 2017.

I mailed to Butt on June 8 and got the card back, along with a typed letter, on August 17, for a 70-day TAT.

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